About long river

Long River produces some of the finest natural Australian pork on the market. Guaranteed to be moist, tender and full of flavour, our pork is the perfect way to ignite some of your creativity and get pork on the menu at home. Whether you love pulled pork, roast pork, pork ribs or tasty pork chops, our Long River Pork will satisfy every palate.

About Long River Pork

Pork’s naturally low-fat content and endless versatility are what make Long River Pork so popular. For a delicious hit of micronutrients and a succulent change from chicken, try switching up some of your classic dishes and giving them a fresh spin with Long River Pork. Head over to our recipes page for the best recipes that’ll be sure to impress – ideal for dinner parties with friends or for family meals.

Health and welfare is paramount

Long River Pork is produced with complete care and respect throughout our farms and production facilities – Gestation stall-free, certified by the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ) and raised on a nutritionally balanced grain feed, Long River Pork is a healthy source of B vitamins, zinc, iron and protein.